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Primary vs. Supplementary Weather Resources
When using BlueBrief.com, it is important to understand the difference between Primary and Supplementary weather data.
This site is built with a combination of both resources.

Primary Weather is FAA Approved for use in making weather related decisions, and fuel requirements.  This can be found in your Dispatch Release, WSI iPad App, or US / Foreign Government Issued Data if it is unaltered.  Examples include National Weather Service, NOAA, and direct FAA Web Sites such as the METAR - TAF Button above.  Data can be repackaged but not altered.  Internet Weather / Data services are approved thru a process called
(QICP), Qualified Internet Communications Provider

Supplementary Weather is everything else.  There are many good weather resources available via the internet and for your mobile devices.  The FAA and the JB FOM understands this and allows for the use of these products, for increased awareness. If you notice a change via one of these resources that will affect your flight planning, it must be verified with a Primary Source. 

For a further explanation off all this, please refer to FOM 2.5.1 (Weather Analysis)   

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