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Welcome to Bluebrief.com    Nav Database Change - Dec 09 - 0901Z   Contact: craig.pinto@jetblue.com

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New A320/321 RADAR Panel Reminder

Please remember on your after landing flow to turn off the RADAR in the proper manner.  The different look of the panel makes it easy to omit during your after landing flow.

New BlueBrief Feature
AREQ Mobile

Please click the image below, then save that page to your homescreen on your company iPad or any mobile device with JetBlue as the default email.

This will launch your email app, enter the proper ACARS address, then will enter the proper AREQ Code.

All you have to do is enter the missing Flt Nbr, City Code, etc.

More Buttons to come soon.


Expect CRI VOR outages over the next 3 years.

As always, carefully check NOTAMS for:

KJFK ILS 31R will be using the published alternate
missed approach procedure to MOVFA.

Remember, the normal and alternate
Missed App Procedure for ILS 31R
requires a climb directly to 4000'.

No level off at 2000', as the text may lead you
to believe. 

Thank You !!!

Craig Pinto



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Primary vs. Supplementary Weather Resources
When using BlueBrief.com, it is important to understand the difference between Primary and Supplementary weather data.
This site is built with a combination of both resources.


All active SIGMETs in the CONUS